Ed Povey is a widely-renowned English artist who undertook much of his early work in Bangor, Northern Wales. He produced a range of public murals in the area with one of his most noteable being the stunning "Hall of illusion" at Powis Hall in Bangor University.

Previously based in the United States, Ed has followed Pete Jones' progress with interest and described his work as "heartfelt and authentic".



“Art is a quintessentially human activity, made by beings fraught with longing and loss. It acts as a looking glass for society - showing us who we are. This definition of art fits Pete Jones like a glove: his work emerges directly from his experience of other human beings, seen in all their vulnerability and mortality - yet still astonishingly present. In time I am quite sure that Pete Jones will come to be identified as an important national treasure.”         


                                                                                                                                                                 Ed Povey, April 2019.

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