Annwn 2021

Tŷ Pawb - Wrexham 26/4/21 - 24/6/21

Tŷ Pawb’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) collaborated with artist Harold Offeh as a collective of artists, developing a manifesto. Artworks, films, performances, occupy this gallery in the form of an exhibition which focuses on themes of folklore, Welsh futurism and escapism.

The Annwn exhibition provided an opportunity for the YAB to showcase their collective voice, with the Board commenting:

The YAB’s exhibition focuses on Welsh Futurism and its connections to language, folklore and landscape. Bridging both the future and the past, we question the potential to re-imagine Welsh culture by creating our own world – the Otherworld of Annwn. Inspired by early medieval Welsh mythology, we explore the concept of escapism in connection to how we as artists view the future. 

It was important that the featured artwork was curated by us as a collective, and that the creative process reflected the aims and ethos of our manifesto. Our project has consisted of holding discussions on accessibility, the politics of care and the importance of de-mystifying art. 

Within this exhibition is a display of North Wales-based painters, curated by the YAB with Jonathan Powell, Director of Elysium Gallery & the BEEP Painting Biennial. The title of the exhibition, Annwn, which translates as ‘the Otherworld’, is inspired by Welsh mythology. The exhibition took its name from the title of one of my paintings, which was selected for display by the Board.

Annwn was made possible thanks to the support of Art Fund, Arts Council of Wales, BEEP & Elysium Gallery, Swansea, National Lottery, Welsh Government and Wrexham County Borough Council. 

"Annwn" Acrylic on canvas 116cm x 91cm



"Apparitions of light" by Cameron Biles-Liddell, is a musical composition

based upon my painting "Ghost Ships" which featured at the exhibition.


Below is a link to a Performance of this piece by Benjamin Powell at Ty Pawb, Wrexham as part of "Annwn".



"Ghostships" Oil on board 140cm x 80cm



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