FILM - "A hidden portrait"  

The early part of Pete's  nursing career was spent working in a long-stay hospital for people with learning disabilities. Bryn-y-Neuadd Hospital is situated in the village of Llanfairfechan on the Northern coast of Wales. This hospital was one of many across the country which was part of a historical system of institutional segregation. The many hundreds of people who lived (and died) through this system are largely forgotten.The system was dehumanising and individuality was discouraged, "Block treatment" was the order of the day.....personal identities were eroded and sometimes lost....

Pete met some incredible people throughout this period. He has made a visual record , through painting, of the character and humanity of people who's history will largely be forgotten. One such person was Joseph Roy Bevans. Joe was a character. In a sea of chaos Joe stood out.



During 2016 Pete painted his portrait based upon several archive photographs and his own strong visual memory. The painting is now part of the collection of the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. The National library kindly loaned the painting for Pete's  2019 "Mordaith" exhibition at Oriel Ynys Môn (Pictured above).


During 2017  a short film was made by Paul Hunt and the 'It's my shout' Film Company - Pete is extremely grateful to them for allowing him  to show the film via the link below :

IT'S MY SHOUT - Since 2002 It’s My Shout Ltd has been specialising in finding and developing new talent for the film industry in Wales. Every year they work with communities to produce short films for their broadcast partners, BBC and S4C. For more information see:


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